Welcome to Shakti Spiritual Information Resources and Consulting Services.

The Founder and Director, Meena Vad, provides information and offers spiritual consulting services in Austin, Texas, in the following areas of health and well being:


Meena combines the modern science and the ancient science for the well-being of her clients. She has studied the Sanskrit language, Yoga of Postures, Yoga of Meditation, Breathing Yoga (Pranayama), Yoga of Devotion, Vedic literature and Ayurveda. She received:

  • Transcendental Meditation and S. C. Certification - 1995
  • Reiki Master’s Certification - 1999
  • B. S. degree in Physics
  • Diploma in Computer Science - 1974
  • Meena is a Prayer Warrior at Norman Vincent Peale Center (Guideposts: Our-Prayer). She has worked as a Software Engineer, as a Freelance Writer, as a Yoga consultant and as an Administrator at The Transcendental Meditation Center. She has served as a volunteer at the Miracle Foundation of Austin, Texas, at the Capital Area Food Bank and at “Be the Change” foundation.