Spiritual Consultations:


Meena provides you with information for your spiritual needs and for your healing on physical, mental and emotional levels. There are various healing traditions around the world. Meena has integrated the techniques from different traditions for her clients. The ancient Sanskrit texts revered “Shakti” as the power which exists in all of us as the base energy. We can use this energy to transform us using several methods. Please call for an appointment for consultation.

1. Yoga postures: Meena will guide you with the gentle and effective techniques of yoga postures if you are new to yoga and will take you into an amazing journey of well-being. The instructions will be given on how to do yoga poses. If you are a yoga practitioner but having some difficulties in your practice, she will smooth your practice and will help you to go forward with a rewarding practice.

2. Specific health conditions: For specific health conditions, she teaches specific yoga postures which are recommended in Ayurveda.

3. Meditation: Several teshniques of meditation are available including breathing meditation, sound meditation, guided meditation and bead-meditation.

4. Pranayama (breathing yoga): Breathing methods of yoga include alternate nostril breathing, bellows breathing, right and left nostril breathing , victorious breathing, cooling breathing and more.

5. Laughter yoga (Hasya-yoga) : These sessions are a sure way to energize yourself and gain flexibility for the body-mind system. The biggest advantages are immediate stress relief and relaxation.